Thursday, September 23, 2010

Trenchcoat Flasher

I'm not sure how but, I started associating flashing with bearing your soul.  Anyhow, the top image is an earlier drawing of that whole idea.  The image to the lower right is an alter ego assignment.  I was thinking people keep their alter egos hidden in secret.  Unfortunately, the destructive and careless Mr. Hyde side of myself comes out when I'm hammered.  That's how these came to be. The End.

Monday, September 20, 2010

This is an image to either: promote the Girl skateboard company OR make smoking even cooler than it already is.  

Jack Washington

King Kong Story

This is a storyboard for a parody type deal where King Kong finds a cigar.  He ends up going apeshit when he can't figure out how to light it.  I really just wanted to draw the happy ending of the last scene but I thought I needed to explain some of the events leading up to the moment.  It was a good chance to consider composition.  I thought it would be a commercial for some fine cigar company so I kept all the panels the same size and thought a lot about cropping and slowly panning out so the audience learns more about the character and setting.

Barry the Cock

This was a character design project.  I created a cannibalistic chicken who immigrated to the United States from an aboriginal tribe.  Big city life was rough on him and now he works at McDonald's to support his McNugget and pain pill addictions.

I think I'd like to be reincarnated as a bison.  They're big enough to not have to concern themselves with natural predators and they just munch on grass all day.  They don't even have to worry about really regulate their bowel movements.  The bison's in the reference photo looked worried about something.  I guess even bison life isn't carefree.