Friday, February 11, 2011


 This is a bandana design contrasting sweatshop laborers and big money ballers.  The bandana and dollar motifs show how they're all connected through our complex economy.  Sweatshops and child labor may suck but I sure as hell ain't paying no more for my Jordans.  I can only afford three pairs as it is and you know I gotta stay fresh.  Some poor starving bastards in some god forsaken country are printing these bandanas up as I type.  Stay tuned for when you can buy one of your very own!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

Lumberjack Skateboards

There's no such thing as Lumberjack Skateboards as far as I know.  YET!  If it did actually exist it would be huge.  It has all the makings of greatness: skateboards, beards/chest hair, flannel, and deforestation.  It's a winning combo if I've ever seen one.  Keep your eyes peeled for the 2011 Fall line featured in the K-Mart coupon catalog.

wining & dining with Granny Toots

My Grandma is the real McCoy.  She treated me to this elaborate meal one night just because I told her I wanted this sort of set up for some reference.  What a gal.  She was also the model for...  
The viewer is supposed to be the Queen of England's butler.  While bringing her majesty breakfast in bed, you stumble upon this scene where she has died in her sleep and her pet yorkies couldn't wait for their morning kibble & gravy.

Auntie Rebekah

I wrote a few lines describing a fictional aunt.  I thought it was funny but not clear enough.She's a god nut.  She has her own stereotypical issues and she seeks god for relief.  Her character is really just my way of comparing religion with drug use or other coping methods.  It is written in fragments, I was hoping that the accompanying images would further elaborate on each line's suggestions.  Some are more easier than others.  Page 11 plainly shows her feverishly reading a bible.  In page 8 I arranged the pills in a crucifix formation, trying to make a connection between religion and medicating.  I also tried to dick around with mirrored compositions in the first and last spreads to make that kind of connection.